How to create a CUT OUT Project?


To create a CUT OUT Project, please click on your name then choose "Create new project". You can also click on " Free trial" on the top of the page.

Then, choose CUT OUT and let you guided by our website.

This video will help you: 


  • How long do you keep my photos?

    Once the project is closed, the final photos are kept in your Album menu, under Results section,

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  • What is the difference between a project and an order?

    An Order can contain more than one Project. A Project contains all photos having the same

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  • How to start a project?

    Step 1: You need to have an account at photALL. Sign up here:

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  • How to cancel an Project?

    As long as your project status is being created, you can cancel it by clicking on

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  • What is a Project?

    A Project is a collection of photos with 1 or several related photos. A Project holds photos to

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  • How to modify a submitted Project?

    In such case, please contact us, we will decide together what is possible to do.

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  • How to give instructions per photos?

    For each project, you can attach a PDF file containing your instructions. You can also write in

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