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Refund Policy

As a general rule, the amounts dealt with photALL are small amounts with very regular lovely customers. So, any refund will be mostly taken back in commissions and fees by banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, in case we think we should refund you, we prefer to give you extra credit for free. Anyway, we'll solve any problem directly with you, that is our favorite way of doing things.

In the event of late delivery on first version, free credits will be sent back to you. In the event of dissatisfaction of our work, refund will NOT be issued, but you can submit revision instructions within 3 days of delivery. We will revise the same photos for free. See 6. Revision Policy, chapter Terms & Conditions.

Now a very important point : a bad picture will never become a good picture, regardless of the amount of effort or retouche done on it. That is why such rare comments as “i don't like it” or “its not great” have little meaning for us. There are as many opinions as individuals on earth. We cannot grant any refund based on these comments.