Our team is dedicated to transforming images supplied by professionals into seductive visuals that exalt the beauty of every fashion item, including clothing and accessories. The three sections below illustrate our expertise in retouching for wearable presentations, creating impeccable packshots, and using ghosting for an elegant, ethereal look. Our ambition is to enhance the singular character of each fashion creation, as well as the individuality of the people who wear them, ensuring that each image conveys a message of refinement and authenticity.


Model Model


In fashion, every detail counts. We perfect garments, removing dust, threads, and wrinkles while preserving the silhouette. Skin retouches are natural, and the setting is spotless, with the option to add a background. Our work on lighting and colors highlights each piece.


Ghost Ghost


The "Ghost" technique highlights a garment's volume without a mannequin. We reconstruct hidden parts using additional shots. This method refines shape and volume while maintaining a natural look

Packshot Packshot


Our packshots highlight items by optimizing every element, from cleaning to adjusting lights and shadows. Objects are aligned for perfect uniformity, and a customized background completes the scene.