Let's put it fair and square : if you use photALL services, you agree with these frankly boring but very serious terms and conditions. This is necessary because some people spend their whole life splitting hairs.

1. Our Service:

photALL is a photo retouching and editing company for businesses and individuals, providing 6 types : RETOUCHE, CUT-OUT, PRO PHOTO, RESTORE, creatALL and PHOTO+. The company is registered in Hong Kong and its Retouchers are from all over the world, most of them in Vietnam. The photALL offering consists of products, computer programs, widgets, services and web sites hosted or made available by photALL, which you may use for uploading, storing, downloading, sharing and transmitting any number of photos and text.
We undertake to provide our services according to the photos and instructions submitted by registered Clients. If the submission is successfully accepted by photALL, we will start working immediately to quickly deliver the edited photos to the Client.

2. Your Submissions:

We are not afraid of a lot of things BUT you have to agree that you will not send us:
- Any material that could lead to any civil or criminal liability under your applicable law.
- Any material that could infringe rights of privacy, publicity, copyrights or other intellectual property rights without the permission of the owner of these rights and the persons (or their parents or legal guardians) who are shown in the material if applicable.
- Any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment. In this latter case, we will take any legal action possible against the person responsible..

3. User Security:

You will be required to use a personal password to access your data in photALL. You will not forget your email /password combination on your desk, or on a post-it accessible to anybody. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and, accordingly, will be fully responsible for all activities that occur under your account, including activities of others to whom you have provided your account information. You agree to immediately notify photALL of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to provide us with accurate information or to keep your account information secure.

4. Payment Method:

Simple and easy, as everything else with us.
You will be required to make an online payment at the time of placing your order OR just after viewing your finished but watermarked photos. Payments by USD and EUR are generally made through Paypal. For alternate means of payment, please contact your sales assistant : Eve. The low tariff structure of photALL does not allow us to spend any time to claim payments from Clients. The rule is therefore very simple : No payment, no delivery.

5. Refund Policy:

As a general rule, the amounts dealt with photALL are small amounts with regularClients. So, any refund will be mostly taken back in commissions and fees by banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, in case we think we should refund you, we would rather give you a credit for future work. Anyway, we will solve any problem directly with you, that is our favorite way of doing things.
In the event of late delivery on first version, free credits will be sent back to you. In the event of dissatisfaction of our work, refund will not be issued, but you can submit revision instructions within 3 days of delivery. We will revise the same photos for free. See 6. Revision Policy.
Now, the crucial point . A poor photo will never become a good photo, whatever the amount of retouching  done on it. That is why extremely rare comments such as « I don't like it » or « it's not beautiful » are meaningless to us, because there are as many opinions as individuals on earth. We cannot base any refund on these comments.

6. Revision Policy:

There is no revision policy for PHOTO+.
We are always ready to provide 2 quality revision for RETOUCHE as long as the Client revision request follows these terms:

- We accept revision requests within 3 days following the completion of the order. If you do not take any actions within 3 days, your project will be automatically closed and can NOT be re-opened. You will need to place a new project for editing or revising the same photos;

- Revision instructions should NOT conflict with or deviate from the original instructions filled out when the order was placed; if the Client changes his minds 10 times about the same photo, it is certainly not a problem, but there will be 10 charges.

7. Photo Replacement:

Of course, we do not accept photo replacement. If you send us a wrong photo, your mother-in-law for example and we have delivered our service for it, you shall NOT ask us to edit another photo of your girlfriend for free as replacement. We can't be held responsible for the consequences of sending us a wrong photo.

8. Data Storage / Printing Service

We do NOT provide photo storage service and high-resolution photos are only kept on our server for 30 days at the most. Once you download the high-resolution edited photos, your original photos and high-resolution edited photos will be removed from our server within 30 days.

9. Termination of business:

You may end your business with photALL at any time and by requesting closure of your user account and ceasing to use the website. We may terminate business with you, or may terminate or suspend your use of the user account or website at any time without justification. We will suspend an account if it has been used in a way that suggests abuse of our services. We will also suspend your account if you are disputing a payment your bank or credit card company has made to us. Asking a refund or canceling a project without convincing reasons will result in termination of business.

10. Privacy Policy

We have made so many efforts to reach you that we will never, even under torture, sell or share your information with any other company. All our employees and data processors, who have access to, and are associated with the processing of personal data, are obliged to respect the strict confidentiality of our Clients' personal data.

Your photos submitted to photALL's server and derivative retouched/edited images are NOT accessible to public. However, we may use the free first photo we do for you, upon opening your account for advertising or internal training purpose.
We use cookies to store personal data or we link information stored in cookies with personal data about specific individuals. We do so for the following purposes: technical administration of the Web site.

Data Collection and Purpose Specification

We do not collect information about our visitors from other sources, such as public records or bodies, or private organizations.

Children's Privacy

We specifically care about child privacy. Children pictures are NEVER used, or displayed unless we are absolutely sure we have the written consent of parents/guardians.

Access to the personal data we may hold about you: you can ask us, by sending an email to eve@photall.com whether we are keeping personal data about you.

If you have a question or concern about our privacy policy, please contact eve@photall.com .