How to start a Project?


Step 1: You need to have an account at photALL. Sign up here:

Step 2: In My Dashboard, go to ORDERS & PROJECTS. And click to create a new Project. Or you can click directly on [CREATE NEW PROJECT] in the Profile Menu bar
After that, follow our instructions to complete the Project creation.


Another outstanding feature of photALL is that you can Upload your photos first, in ALBUM. Don't forget to leave your computer in "active" status and you can do something else (for example: go to sleep !). The next day, you can select these uploaded photos and create a new project from there.


  • How long do you keep my photos?

    Once the Project is closed, the final photos are kept in your Album menu, under Results section,

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  • What is the difference between a Project and an Order?

    An Order can contain more than one Project. A Project contains all photos having the same

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  • How to cancel an Project?

    As long as your Project status is being created, you can cancel it by clicking on

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  • What is a Project?

    A Project is a collection of photos with 1 or several related photos. A Project holds photos to

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  • How to modify a submitted Project?

    In such case, please contact us, we will decide together what is possible to do.

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  • How to give instructions per photos?

    For each Project, you can attach a PDF file containing your instructions. You can also write in

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  • How to create a CUT OUT Project?

    To create a CUT OUT Project, please click on your name then choose "Create new Project". You can

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