Credit card payment on your website is secured?


Our credit card payment method is secured by Stripe. Your credit card information stays private and is never stored by us.


  • Why does my account allow only one currency?

    - The use of multiple currencies in the same account will affect the security and convenience

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  • How can I get an invoice?

    Invoices are automatically generated every time a payment is made by you on our website. You can

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  • Can I get my payment refunded?

    We do not refund your payment directly. When such cases arise, we will refund your payment into

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  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Payments are made by PayPal or Credit Card. You can also fund your account by one of these 2

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  • Does my account allow several currencies? Which currencies are accepted for online payment?

    - Your account only allows one currency. If you need to use several currencies, please open one

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  • Are the prices given on the website HT or not?

    We charge all our services excluding taxes. You may be subject to the VAT in your country.

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  • Why is payment in PayPal or Credit Card below 5 USD or 4.55 EUR not allowed?

    You can pay for smaller amounts such as 0.40 USD or 0.36 EUR for one PHOTO+ but you must do so

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  • How to credit my account and what are the advantages?

     Please log in to your account, go to the User Dashboard and choose ACCOUNT STATEMENT AND

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