How to credit my account and what are the advantages?


 Please log in to your account, go to the User Dashboard and choose ACCOUNT STATEMENT AND FUNDING.

You can then pay for your projects directly with it, including projects below USD 5 / 4.50 €

Not that your account allow only one currency

If you credit your account, you benefit from discounts according to this table:


  • Why does my account allow only one currency?

    - The use of multiple currencies in the same account will affect the security and convenience

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  • How can I get an invoice?

    Invoices are automatically generated every time a payment is made by you on our website. You can

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  • Can I get my payment refunded?

    We do not refund your payment directly. When such cases arise, we will refund your payment into

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  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Payments are made by PayPal or Credit Card. You can also fund your account by one of these 2

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  • How can I top up my account? What's the benefit of Top Up?

    - Please log in to your account, go to the User Dashboard and choose ACCOUNT STATEMENT AND

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  • Does my account allow several currencies? Which currencies are accepted for online payment?

    - Your account only allows one currency. If you need to use several currencies, please open one

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  • Do the prices given on the website include tax or not?

    No VAT or GST is charged as our services are provided outside of your country, including outside

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  • Why is payment in PayPal or Credit Card below USD 5 or 4.50 EUR not allowed?

    You can pay for smaller amounts such as USD 0.80 or 0.72 EUR for a PHOTO+ Project for example,

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  • Credit card payment on your website is secured?

    Our credit card payment method is secured by Stripe. Your credit card information stays private

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