How do your quotes work? If I have a quote for 100 photos, do I have to send all 100 photos at once?



There are 2 ways to ask for a Quote.
     a- You can ask for a Quote from the Services page. After clicking on the hamburger menu on the top right corner, select the service you want.

There is a  area on the bottom of the page to ask for a Quote.  

  b- You can ask for a Quote from your Dashboard, reachable by clicking on your name.
Then on the left, chose QUOTES and Request a quote.

Note that for our PRO PHOTO and creatALL Services, you have to ask for a Quote before creating your Project even if it is only for 1 photo.

Then, wherever possible you should attach a reference file. After that, write all the requirements as detailed as possible in the dedicated area. These requirements will be applied for all Projects belonging to this Quote and you won't have to fill them again each time you will create a new Project. 

After you complete filling-out all the fields, please Submit the request. 
photALL team will proceed and create a new Quote as per your request. You will receive an email with a link leading to your Quote. You can also go to your Dashboard and choose QUOTES. If you agree with the price, you can settle payment by Credit Card, Paypal or via your account.

Note: if you choose to pay QUOTES via your account, you need to have sufficient credit in your account, by first using the Top up function in ACCOUNT STATEMENT & FUNDING. This way, you will benefit from a discount.


After payment, you can click on Detail to see the summary of your Quote. 

 - you can create several Projects until the Quantity remaining is 0
 - If for some reason, you need to extend the Expiry date please send us request in advance.
 - In case you want to reuse the same Quote after it has all been used, please choose Refill.
In order to use the Quote, you must click on Use button and start to create a new Project from there. You have many options to upload your photos. We recommend our ALBUMS function where you can upload your photos in advance for your convenience. 

After your photos are completely uploaded, you can choose Next and continue to complete the Project creation without the need to give any requirements. 
As soon as the Project is done, you will receive a notification email. 
Then, you can download the output from ORDERS & PROJECTS on your Dashboard

* Please do not hesitate to contact us through online chat or send email to for any question or problem. 


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    Please click "Forgot your password" on Sign-in page.

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  • Why do I need to activate my Account and how can I do it?

    We ask for this to avoid spam accounts from fake emails.

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  • How do I access the various functions?

    By clicking on your name on the top right corner, you have access to your "Cart"

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  • How long is your quote valid?

    Our quote are valid for 6 months from the issuing date.

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